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Acquisition of a Dense 3D Model Database for Robotic Vision (bibtex)
  author = {Zia, Muhammad Zeeshan and Klank, Ulrich and Beetz, Michael},
  title = {Acquisition of a Dense {3D} Model Database for Robotic Vision},
  booktitle = {International Conference on Advanced Robotics ({ICAR)}},
  year = {2009},
  abstract = {Service Robots in real world environments need to have computer vision
	capability for detecting a large class of objects. We discuss how
	freely available {3D} model databases can be used to enable robots
	to know the appearance of a wide variety of objects in human environments
	with special application to our Assistive Kitchen. However, the open
	and free nature of such databases pose problems for example the presence
	of incorrectly annotated {3D} models, or objects for which very few
	models exist online. We have previously proposed techniques to automatically
	select the useful models from the search result, and utilizing such
	models to perform simple manipulation tasks. Here, we build upon
	that work, to describe a technique based on Morphing to form new
	{3D} models if we only have a few models corresponding to a label.
	However, morphing in computer graphics requires a human operator
	and is computationally burdensome, due to which we present our own
	automatic morphing technique. We also present a simple technique
	to speed the matching process of {3D} models against real scenes
	using Visibility culling. This technique can potentially speed-up
	the matching process by 2-3 times while using less memory, if we
	have some prior information model and world pose.}
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