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Face Model Fitting based on Machine Learning from Multi-band Images of Facial Components (bibtex)
  author = {Wimmer, Matthias and Mayer, Christoph and Stulp, Freek and Radig,
  title = {Face Model Fitting based on Machine Learning from Multi-band Images
	of Facial Components},
  booktitle = {Workshop on Non-Rigid Shape Analysis and Deformable Image Alignment,
	held in conjunction with {CVPR}},
  year = {2008},
  address = {Anchorage, {AK}, {USA}},
  month = jun,
  abstract = {Geometric models allow to determine semantic information about real-world
	objects. Model fitting algorithms need to find the best match between
	a parameterized model and a gi ven image. This task inherently requires
	an objective function to estimate the error between a model parameterization
	and an image. The accuracy of this function directly inf luences
	the accuracy of the entire process of model fitting. Unfortunately,
	building these functions is a non-trivial task. Dedicated to the
	application of face model fitting, this paper proposes to consider
	a multi-band image representation that indicates the facial components,
	from which a large set of image features is computed. Since it is
	not possible to manually formulate an objective function that considers
	this large amount of features, we apply a Machine Lear ning framework
	to construct them. This automatic approach is capable of considering
	the large amount of features provided and yield highly accurate objective
	functions for fa ce model fitting. Since the Machine Learning framework
	rejects non-relevant image features, we obtain high performance runtime
	characteristics as well.},
  keywords = {facial expressions}
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