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Sharing Belief in Teams of Heterogeneous Robots (bibtex)
  author = {Utz, Hans and Stulp, Freek and Mühlenfeld, Arndt},
  title = {Sharing Belief in Teams of Heterogeneous Robots},
  booktitle = {{RoboCup-2004:} The Eighth {RoboCup} Competitions and Conferences},
  year = {2004},
  editor = {Nardi, Daniele and Riedmiller, Martin and Sammut, Claude},
  pages = {508--515},
  address = {Lisbon, Portugal},
  publisher = {Springer Verlag},
  abstract = {This paper describes the joint approach of three research groups to
	enable a heterogeneous team of robots to exchange belief. The communication
	framework presented imposes little restrictions on the design and
	implementation of the individual autonomous mobile systems. The three
	groups have individually taken part in the {RoboCup} F2000 league
	since 1998. Although recent rule changes allow for more robots per
	team, the cost of acquiring and maintaining autonomous mobile robots
	keeps teams from making use of this opportunity. A solution is to
	build mixed teams with robots from different labs. As almost all
	robots in this league are custom built research platforms with unique
	sensors, actuators, and software architectures, forming a heterogeneous
	team presents an exciting challenge.},
  url = {}
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