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RG Mapping: Building Object-Oriented Representations of Structured Human Environments (bibtex)
  author = {Schröter, Derik and Beetz, Michael},
  title = {{RG} Mapping: Building Object-Oriented Representations of Structured
	Human Environments},
  booktitle = {6-th Open Russian-German Workshop on Pattern Recognition and Image
	Understanding ({OGRW)}, {Katun/Russia}},
  year = {2004},
  note = {{\textbackslash}bf Best Paper Award},
  abstract = {We present a new approach to mapping of indoor environments, where
	the environment structure in terms of regions and gateways is automatically
	extracted, while the robot explores. Objects, both in {2D} and {3D},
	are modelled explicitly in those maps and allow for robust localization.
	We refer to those maps as object-oriented environment representations
	or Region \& Gateway Maps. Region \& Gateway Mapping is capable of
	acquiring very compact, structured, and semantically annotated maps.
	We show that those maps can be built online and that they are extremely
	useful in plan-based control of autonomous robots as well as for
	robot-human interaction.}
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