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RG Mapping: Learning Compact and Structured 2D Line Maps of Indoor Environments (bibtex)
  author = {Schröter, Derik and Beetz, Michael and Gutmann, J.-S.},
  title = {{RG} Mapping: Learning Compact and Structured {2D} Line Maps of Indoor
  booktitle = {11th {IEEE} International Workshop on Robot and Human Interactive
	Communication ({ROMAN)}, {Berlin/Germany}},
  year = {2002},
  abstract = {In this paper we present Region \& Gateway ({RG)} Mapping, a novel
	approach to laser-based {2D} line mapping of indoor environments.
	{RG} Mapping is capable of acquiring very compact, structured, and
	semantically annotated maps. We present and empirically analyze the
	method based on map acquisition experiments with autonomous mobile
	robots. The experiments show that {RG} mapping drastically compresses
	the data contained in line scan maps without substantial loss of
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