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Object-oriented Model-based Extensions of Robot Control Languages (bibtex)
  author = {Müller, Armin and Kirsch, Alexandra and Beetz, Michael},
  title = {Object-oriented Model-based Extensions of Robot Control Languages},
  booktitle = {27th German Conference on Artificial Intelligence},
  year = {2004},
  abstract = {More than a decade after mobile robots arrived in many research labs
	it is still difficult to find plan-based autonomous robot controllers
	that perform, beyond doubt, better than they possibly could without
	applying {AI} methods. One of the main reason for this situation
	is abstraction. {AI} based control techniques typically abstract
	away from the mechanisms that generate the physical behavior and
	refuse the use of control structures that have proven to be necessary
	for producing flexible and reliable robot behavior. The consequence
	is: {AI-based} control mechanisms can neither explain and diagnose
	how a certain behavior resulted from a given plan nor can they revise
	the plans to improve its physical performance. In our view, a substantial
	improvement on this situation is not possible without having a new
	generation of robot control languages. These languages must, on the
	one hand, be expressive enough for specifying and producing high
	performance robot behavior and, on the other hand, be transparent
	and explicit enough to enable execution time inference mechanisms
	to reason about, and manipulate these control programs. This paper
	reports on aspects of the design of {RPL-II}, which we propose as
	such a next generation control language. We describe the nuts and
	bolts of extending our existing language R P L to support explicit
	models of physical systems, and object-oriented modeling of control
	tasks and programs. We show the application of these concepts in
	the context of autonomous robot soccer.}
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