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Agilo RoboCuppers: RoboCup Team Description (bibtex)
  author = {Klupsch, Michael and Lückenhaus, Maximilian and Zierl, Christoph
	and Laptev, Ivan and Bandlow, Thorsten and Grimme, Marc and Kellerer,
	Ignaz and Schwarzer, Fabian},
  title = {Agilo {RoboCuppers:} {RoboCup} Team Description},
  booktitle = {Proceedings of the Second {RoboCup} Workshop, {RoboCup-98}},
  year = {1998},
  editor = {Asada, Minoru},
  pages = {431–438},
  address = {Paris},
  month = jul,
  abstract = {This paper describes the Agilo {RoboCuppers} - the {RoboCup} team
	of the image understanding group ({FG} {BV)} at the Technische Universität
	München. With a team of five Pioneer 1 robots, equipped with a {CCD}
	camera and single board computer each and coordinated by a master
	{PC} outside the field we participated in the medium size {RoboCup}
	league in Paris 1998. We use a multi-agent based approach to represent
	different robots and to encapsulate concurrent tasks within the robots.
	A fast feature extraction based on the image processing library {HALCON}
	provides the necessary data for the onboard scene interpretation.
	These features as well as the odometric data are checked on the master
	{PC} with regard to consistency and plausibility. The results are
	distributed to all robots as base for their local planning modules
	and also used by a coordinating global planning module.}
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