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A Testbed for Adaptive Human-Robot Collaboration (bibtex)
  author = {Kirsch, Alexandra and Chen, Yuxiang},
  title = {A Testbed for Adaptive Human-Robot Collaboration},
  booktitle = {33rd Annual German Conference on Artificial Intelligence ({KI} 2010)},
  year = {2010},
  abstract = {This paper presents a novel method for developing and evaluating intelligent
	robot behavior for joint human-robot activities. We extended a physical
	simulation of an autonomous robot to interact with a second, human-controlled
	agent as in a computer game. We have conducted a user study to demonstrate
	the viability of the approach for adaptive human-aware planning for
	collaborative everyday activities. The paper presents the details
	of our simulation and its control for human subjects as well as results
	of the user study.}
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