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Sensor-based Situated, Individualized, and Personalized Interaction in Smart Environments (bibtex)
  author = {Hämmerle, Simone and Wimmer, Matthias and Radig, Bernd and Beetz,
  title = {Sensor-based Situated, Individualized, and Personalized Interaction
	in Smart Environments},
  booktitle = {{INFORMATIK} 2005 - Informatik {LIVE!} Band 1, Beiträge der 35. Jahrestagung
	der Gesellschaft für Informatik ({GI)}},
  year = {2005},
  editor = {Cremers, Armin B. and Manthey, Rainer and Martini, Peter and Steinhage,
  volume = {67},
  series = {{LNI}},
  pages = {261--265},
  address = {Bonn, Germany},
  month = sep,
  publisher = {{GI}},
  abstract = {Smart environments are sensor equipped areas that know about their
	environment thus being able to adapt to the user. We present {sHOME},
	a multiagent based platform for integrating situated, individualized,
	and personalized information. {sHOME} acquires sensor data to determine
	the user's identity, his location, his gesture, and natural language
	commands and stores it in a central knowledge base.},
  isbn = {3-88579-396-2}
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