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Agilo RoboCuppers: RoboCup Team Description (bibtex)
  author = {Buck, Sebastian and Hanek, Robert and Klupsch, Michael and Schmitt,
  title = {Agilo {RoboCuppers:} {RoboCup} Team Description},
  booktitle = {The Fourth Robot World Cup Soccer Games and Conferences},
  year = {2000},
  series = {{RoboCup-2000} Melbourne},
  abstract = {This paper describes the Agilo {RoboCuppers}, team of the image understanding
	group ({FG} {BV)} at the Technische Universit?t M√ľnchen. With a team
	of four Pioneer 1 robots, equipped with {CCD} camera and a single
	board computer each and coordinated by a master {PC} outside the
	field we participate in the Middle Size League of the fourth international
	{RoboCup} Tournament in Melbourne 2000. We use a multi-agent based
	approach to represent different robots and to encapsulate concurrent
	tasks within the robots. A fast feature extraction based on the image
	processing library {HALCON} provides the data necessary for the on-board
	scene interpretation. All robot observations are fused to one single
	consistent view. Decision making is done on this fused data.}
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