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Planning, Scheduling, and Plan Execution for Autonomous Robot Office Couriers (bibtex)
  author = {Beetz, Michael and Bennewitz, Maren},
  title = {Planning, Scheduling, and Plan Execution for Autonomous Robot Office
  booktitle = {Proceedings of the workshop {“Integrating} Planning, Scheduling and
	Execution in Dynamic and Uncertain Environments” at the Fourth International
	Conference on {AI} in Planning Systems ({AIPS)}},
  year = {1998},
  editor = {Bergmann, R. and Kott, A.},
  volume = {Workshop Notes 98-02},
  publisher = {{AAAI} Press},
  abstract = {Scheduling the tasks of an autonomous robot office courier and carrying
	out the scheduled tasks reliably and efficiently pose challenging
	problems for autonomous robot control. The controller has to accomplish
	longterm efficiency rather than optimize problem-solving episodes.
	It also has to exploit opportunities and avoid problems flexibly
	because often the robot is forced to generate schedules based on
	partial information. We propose to implement the controller for scheduled
	activity by employing concurrent reactive plans that reschedule the
	course of action whenever necessary and while performing their actions.
	The plans are represented modularly and transparently to allow for
	easy transformation. Scheduling and schedule repair methods are implemented
	as plan transformation rules.}
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