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The AGILO Autonomous Robot Soccer Team: Computational Principles, Experiences, and Perspectives (bibtex)
  author = {Beetz, Michael and Buck, Sebastian and Hanek, Robert and Schmitt,
	Thorsten and Radig, Bernd},
  title = {The {AGILO} Autonomous Robot Soccer Team: Computational Principles,
	Experiences, and Perspectives},
  booktitle = {International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi Agent
	Systems ({AAMAS)} 2002},
  year = {2002},
  pages = {805–812},
  address = {Bologna, Italy},
  abstract = {This paper describes the computational model underlying the {AGILO}
	autonomous robot soccer team, its implementation, and our experiences
	with it. The most salient aspects of the {AGILO} control software
	are that it includes (1) a cooperative probabilistic game state estimator
	working with a simple off-the-shelf camera system; (2) a situated
	action selection module that makes amble use of experience-based
	learning and produces coherent team behavior even if inter-robot
	communication is perturbed; and (3) a playbook executor that can
	perform preprogrammed complex soccer plays in appropriate situations
	by employing plan-based control techniques. The use of such sophisticated
	state estimation and control techniques distinguishes the {AGILO}
	software from many others applied to mid-size autonomous robot soccer.
	The paper discusses the computational techniques and necessary extensions
	based on experimental data from the 2001 robot soccer world championship.}
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