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Fast Image Segmentation, Object Recognition and Localization in a RoboCup Scenario (bibtex)
  author = {Bandlow, Thorsten and Klupsch, Michael and Hanek, Robert and Schmitt,
  title = {Fast Image Segmentation, Object Recognition and Localization in a
	{RoboCup} Scenario},
  booktitle = {3. {RoboCup} Workshop, {IJCAI} 99},
  year = {1999},
  pages = {174–185},
  abstract = {This paper presents the vision system of the robot soccer team Agilo
	{RoboCuppers} the {RoboCup} team of the image understanding group
	({FG} {BV)} at the Technische Universität München. The name is derived
	from the Agilolfinger, which were the first Bavarian ruling dynasty
	in the 8th century, with Tassilo as its most famous representative.
	We present a fast and robust color classification method yielding
	significant regions in the image. The boundaries between adjacent
	regions are used to localize objects like the ball or other robots
	on the field. Furthermore for each player the free motion space is
	determined and its position and orientation on the field is estimated.
	All this is done completely vision based, without any additional
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