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Multi Temporal Distance Images for Shot Detection in Soccer Games (bibtex) [pdf]
  author = {Martin Hoernig and Michael Herrmann and Bernd Radig},
  title = {Multi Temporal Distance Images for Shot Detection in Soccer Games},
  booktitle = {EUSIPCO 2014 (22nd European Signal Processing Conference 2014) (EUSIPCO
  year = {2014},
  address = {Lisbon, Portugal},
  month = sep,
  abstract = {We present a new approach for video shot detection and introduce multi
	temporal distance images (MTDIs), formed by chi-square based similarity
	measures that are calculated pairwise within a floating window of
	video frames. By using MTDI-based boundary detectors, various cuts
	and transitions in various shapes (dissolves, overlayed effects,
	fades, and others) can be determined. The algorithm has been developed
	within the special context of soccer game TV broadcasts, where a
	particular interest in long view shots is intrinsic. With a correct
	shot detection rate in camera 1 shots of 98.2\% within our representative
	test data set, our system outperforms competing state-of-the-art
  days = {1},
  keywords = {soccer video analysis; video indexing; multi temporal distance image
	(MTDI); video segmentation; video shot boundary detection; soccer}
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