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 ^Name^Position^Phone| ^Name^Position^Phone|
 |[[::​members::​radig|Prof. Dr. Bernd Radig]] |Head of Group |+49-89-289-17754| |[[::​members::​radig|Prof. Dr. Bernd Radig]] |Head of Group |+49-89-289-17754|
-|[[::​members::​radig|Prof. Dr. Carsten Steger]] |Honorary Professor |+49-89-289-17754|+|[[::​members::​steger|Prof. Dr. Carsten Steger]] |Honorary Professor |+49-89-289-17759|
 |[[::​members::​mayerc|Dr. Christoph Mayer]] |Postdoctoral Researcher |+49-89-289-17788| |[[::​members::​mayerc|Dr. Christoph Mayer]] |Postdoctoral Researcher |+49-89-289-17788|
 |[[::​members::​hoernig|Martin Hoernig]] |PhD Student|+49-89-289-17779| |[[::​members::​hoernig|Martin Hoernig]] |PhD Student|+49-89-289-17779|
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